Ts Minority gurukulam outsourcing JL posts 2021 -22 recruitment

Ts Minority gurukulam – varadhi outsourcing junior lecturer – JLs jobs 2021-22

junior lecturers recruitment 2021 notification

paper notification below

offline application last date10.08.2021 (dates may be changes in various districts)

salary 27000/- per month

Qualifications: 1. Pg pass with 50% marks with concerned subject.

2. BEd. pass

3. experience 3years in inter level teaching.

District Collectors & District Minorities Welfare Officers

District Collectors & District Minorities Welfare Officers

S.NoDistrictDistrict CollectorsDMWOs
1Adilabad Collector & District Magistrate,Near Milk Chilling Center Compound, Adilabad District,Ph: 08732-227402,Email: collector_adbd@telangana.gov.in District Minorities Welfare Officer,O/o. District Minorities Welfare Officer, Social Welfare Complex ,Adilabad 504001Name : Krishnaveni (Incharge)
Phone Number : 7993357077, 9493315172
Email: adilabadbr@gmail.com
2Bhadradri KothagudemCollector & District Magistrate,Writers Basti, Bhadradri Kothagudem District. Email: collector-bdd@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Writers Basti, Bhadradri Kothagudem District,Name : G. Muthyam
Phone Number : 9848807880, 7993357078
Email : dmwokgm@gmail.com
3HyderabadCollector & District Magistrate,Chirag Ali lane, Abids Collectorate, Hyderabad.Ph: 040-23202833,Email:collector_hyd@telangana.go.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,6th floor, Haj House, Opp.Public Garden, Nampally,Hyderabad. Ph: 040-23240134Name : MD. Khasim
Phone Number:7993357079,
7995057992,8639787489 Email:bhukyamanya@yahoo.com, dmwohyd@gmail.com
4JagitialCollector & District Magistrate,Karimnagar Road, Dharoor Camp, Jagitial District Pin.505327,Ph: 8724-222204,Email: collector-jgtl@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Karimnagar Road, Dharoor Camp, Jagtial District, Pin.505327Name : P.G Vijaya Laxmi
Phone Number : 7993357080, 9491046629
Email: dmwojagtial@gmail.com
5JangaonCollector & District Magistrate,Integrated New Collectorate Complex, Jangaon District,Email: collector-jgn@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex,Jangaon District.Name : M. Srinivas
Phone Number : 7993357081, 9666100550
Email : dmwojangaon@gmail.com
6Jayashankar BhupalpallyCollector & District Magistrate,Collectorate Complex, Jayashankar Bhupalpally District,Email: collector-jsk@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Room No. 216, 1st Floor, Collectorate Complex, Jayashankar Bhupalpally DistrictName : M. Venkateshwarlu
Phone Number : 7993357082, 7093117434
Email : dmwobhupalpally@gmail.com
7Jogulamba GadwalCollector & District Magistrate, New Collectorate Complex, Jogulamba Gadwal – 509125,Email:collector.jogulamba@gmail.comDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex, Jogulamba Gadwal-509125Name : S. Naseema Begum
Phone Number : 7993357083, 8978900831
Email : dmwojogulamba@gmail.com
8KamareddyCollector & District Magistrate, New Collectorate Complex, Kamareddy District,Email: collector-kmr@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex, Kamareddy DistrictName : J. Ambaji
Phone Number:7993357084,
9398247561,9182638492(Javeed- Sr Asst.)
Email : dmwokamareddy@gmail.com
9KarimnagarCollector & District Magistrate, Collectorate Complex, Karimnagar District,Ph: 0878 – 2265206,Email:collector_krmn@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Room No. 210, 1st Floor, Collectorate Complex, Karimnagar DistrictName : M. Gangaram
Phone Number : 7993357085, 9490957030, 9490111377
Email:dmwokarimnagar@gmail.com, karimnagarbr@gmail.com
10KhammamCollector & District Magistrate,Collectorate Complex, Khammam District,Ph: 08742 – 224641,Email: collector_kmm@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,C/o Old RTA Office Complex, Beside TDP Party Office, VDOs Colony, Khammam -507001Name : G. Ramesh
Phone Number : 7993357086
Email: dmwokmm@gmail.com
11Komrambheem AsifabadCollector & District Magistrate, Asifabad District, YTC, Janakapur, Komrambheem Asifabad District.Email:collector-kb@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Asifabad District, YTC, Janakapur, Komrambheem Asifabad District.Name : Srinivas Incharge (Sports Officer in asifabad)
Phone Number : 7993357087, 8790497579
Email : dmwokbheem@gmail.com
12MahabubabadCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Mahabubabad District,Email: collector.mahabubabad@gmail.comDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Integrated Hostel, Indiranagar, Near Collectorate, Mahabubabad DistrictName : K.Srinivas Rao
Phone : 7993357088, 9493011839
Email : dmwomhbd@gmail.com
13MahabubnagarCollector & District Magistrate, Collectorate Complex, Mahabubnagar District.Email: collector_mbnr@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Telangana State Christian Minorities Finance Corporation, Near Revenue Meeting Hall, Collectorate Complex, Mahabubnagar DistrictName : V. Saroja
Phone number : 7997725160, 9000101009 (Srinivas- Sptd)
Email : dmwombnr@gmail.com      
14Mancherial Collector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Mancherial District,Email: collector.mancherial@gmail.com, collector-mncl@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Opp. Bus Stand, Sahakara Bhavan, Mancherial Town & DistrictName : Smt Shyamala Devi
Phone Number : 7993357091, 8790738727
Email : dmwomncl@gmail.com
15MedakCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Medak District,Ph: 08452-223111,Email: collector_mdk@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Integrated Collectorate Complex,Room No. 202, Pillikotyal, Medak DistrictName : Sudhakar (BC Welfare)
Phone Number : 7993357092, 9959255566 (Spdt S. Vinod Kumar- 9866262139) Email : dmwo.medak1@gmail.com
16Medchal MalkajgiriCollector & District Magistrate, New Collectorate Complex, Malkajgiri District, Near outer Ring Road. Keesara (V) Keesara (M) Pin code 501301.Ph: 040-29700824,Email:collector-mdl@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Malkajgiri District, Near outer Ring Road. Keesara (V), Keesara (M),Pin code 501301.Name : A. Vijaya Kumari
Phone Number : 7993357090, 8106023466
Email : dmwomedchal@gmail.com
17MuluguCollector & District Magistrate, Collector Office, Mulugu Pin code 506343.Email:mulug.collector@gmail.comDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,#7-104, Beside Court Building, Main Road, Mulugu, Mulugu districtPin code 506343.Email: dmwomulugu@gmail.com
18NagarkurnoolCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Nagarkurnool District,Email: collector-ngk@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,District Collectorate Complex, 2nd Floor, Nagarkurnool DistrictName : Saptahgiri
Phone Number : 7993357093, 9985041678
Email : dmwonagarkurnool@gmail.com
19NalgondaCollector & District Magistrate, Collectorate Complex, Nalgonda DistrictEmail: collector_nlgd@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,B – Block, 1st floor, District Collectorate Complex, Miryalaguda Road, Nalgonda DistrictName : G. Venkateshwarlu
Phone Number : 7993357094, 9000701340
Email : dmwonalgonda@gmail.com
20NarayanpetCollector & District Magistrate, Collectorate Complex, Narayanpet DistrictEmail: collector-nrpt@telangana.gov.in Email: dmwonrpt@gmail.com
21NirmalCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Nirmal District,Email: collector-nml@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Indra Nagar, M.S function Hall, 1st Floor, Nirmal – 504 106Name : K. Kishan
Phone Number : 7993357095, 9494946427
Email : nirmaldmwo@gmail.com
22NizamabadCollector & District Magistrate, Collectorate Complex, Nizamabad DistrictEmail: collector_nzbd@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer, 6-2-331, Subashnagar, Near Old BSNL Office, Nizamabad DistrictName : Riaz Ahmed
Phone Number : 7993357096, 7330733145
Email : dmwonzb227038@gmail.com
23PeddapalliCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated New Collectorate Complex, Peddapalli District,Email: collector-pdpl@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex, Peddapalli DistrictEmail: pathasudhakar@gmail.com
24Rajanna SircillaCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated New Collectorate Complex, Rajanna Sircilla – 502103,Email: collector-rsl@telangana.gov.in, collector.sircilla@gmail.comDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Integrated Collectorate,Rajanna Sircilla – 502103Name : MD. Sarwar Miya
Phone Number : 7993357098, 9849901161
Email: dmworajanna@gmail.com
25RangareddyCollector & District Magistrate, Rangareddy Collectorate Complex, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad,Ph: 040-23235642,Email: collector_rr@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Sneha Silver Jubilee Building,4th Floor, RR Dist. Collectorate Complex, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad.Name : Ratna Kalyani
Phone Number : 7993357068
Email : @gmail.com
26SangareddyCollector & District Magistrate, New Collectorate Complex, Sangareddy District.Ph: 08455-276555,Email: collector-srd@telangana.gov.incollectorsangareddy@gmail.comDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,North Block, 1st Floor, New Collectorate Building, Sangareddy District,Name : P.R. Vikram Reddy
Phone Number : 7993357100, 9963478964
Email : dmwo.srd@gmail.com
27SiddipetCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated New Collectorate Complex, Siddipet District,Email: collector-sdpt@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex,Siddipet District. Ph: 08457 231103Name : G. Jeevaratnam
Phone Number:7993357101,
Email : dmwosiddipet@gmail.com
28SuryapetCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated New Collectorate Complex, Suryapet District.Email: collector-srpt@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Municipal Community Hall,Housing Board Colony,Jammigadda Suryapet District.Pin: 508213.Email: dmwosuryapet@gmail.com
29VikarabadCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Vikarabad District.Email: collectorvkb@gmail.com, collector-vkb@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex, Vikarabad District.Name : Sabitha
Phone Number : 7993357103, 7032707713
Email : dmwovikarabad@gmail.com
30WanaparthyCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated New Collectorate Complex Front of Courts Complex, Wanaparthy District.Email: collector-wnp@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex, Wanaparthy District.Name : T. Samuel Jacob
Phone Number : 7993357104, 9440817787
Email : dmwowanaparthy@gmail.com
31Warangal UrbanCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Warangal Urban DistrictEmail: collector_wgl@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Warangal Urban, B2-Quarter,Opp: Circuit Guest House, Hanamkonda, Warangal Urban Dist.Name : M. Srinu
Phone Number : 7993357105, 9100139282
Email : dmwo.warangal@gmail.com
32Warangal RuralCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated New Collectorate Complex, Warangal Rural District. Ph: 0870-2511777,Email: collector-wglr@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Warangal Rural, C/o DRDO,Warangal Rural Complex,H.No.24-07-207/14/5A, Bandam Cheruvu, Near EPF Office,Dargah Road, Hanmkonda,Warangal Urban, Telangana State.Pin: 506004Name : Phani Kumar
Phone Number : 7993357106
Email : dmwowarangalrural@gmail.com
33Yadadri BhongirCollector & District Magistrate, Integrated Collectorate Complex, Yadadri Bhongir District.Email: collector-ydr@telangana.gov.inDistrict Minorities Welfare Officer,Collectorate Complex, Pagidipalli (v) Bhongir(m), Yadadri Bhongir District.Name : K. Satyanarayana
Phone Number : 7993357107, 9849901156
Email : dmwoyadadri@gmail.com

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